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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you conduct a survey tomorrow?

This depends on our schedule. Please get in contact and we will let you know. Generally we will need a period of 2-3 days to plan the survey. Busy periods will require 10-15 days’ notice.

How much does the survey cost?

The survey fee depends on a number of conditions like the boat's size, specifications, location, scope of work, etc.

How long will it take to carry out the survey and to deliver the report?

Again, this depends on the size of the yacht, and exactly what type of survey is being carried out. Generally for a full condition survey, yachts (power and sail) up to around 45 feet can be inspected in one full day. Larger yachts can take up to 3 or even 4 days. We guarantee that the report will be ready within ten working days after the survey inspection. If you need the report sooner than this, let us know beforehand and we will give you estimation as to when the report will be ready.

How detailed is the survey report?

Our reports are fairly detailed; there will be a description of each area of inspection including the systems. The report will also include a list of defects and recommendations for their repair.

Can I join the survey and sea trial?

Yes you can, just be aware that we are quite busy during the trial and might not have time to discuss all the defects with you until after we have completed the task.

What will the full condition survey cover?

Please refer back to our full condition page for more details. Don?t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any specific concerns about the yacht in question.

Do I, or the owner need to prepare the yacht before the survey?

Yes, we will need access to all the internal areas of the yacht including inside lockers and the bilge spaces. It is important that all owners possessions and gear are removed from the yacht to allow us good access- this does not include standard sailing inventory.

Is a sea trial included in a full condition survey?

Generally yes, and you would need to provide a skipper for this. The exception is when the survey is carried out on hard standing only.

If the yacht is on hard standing for the survey, can the sea trial take place after the yacht is launched at a later date?

Yes, we often do the survey in two parts: Out-of-water, and then weeks or even months later we follow up with an in-water inspection including sea trial. You would need to provide a skipper for the trial

How long does a sea trial take?

It depends to an extent on the yacht, but most trials on small to mid-sized yachts are completed within an hour. Sailing yachts are sailed on both tacks. The engine is allowed to warm up to operating temperature before it is tested.

Is a rig inspection from aloft included in a full condition survey?

Generally yes, however the yacht would need to be afloat and we would need to be satisfied that the halyards are in good condition and that it is safe to go aloft.

Do you revisit the yacht after the recommendations in the report have been completed?

We can do this, but it is not part of the survey so further inspection will incur extra costs.

How is the limited scope survey defined?

We discuss your exact requirements and offer a tailor-made proposal for the scope of the survey. This will be discussed with you, the client, prior to the inspection.

How often a boat needs a survey?

Good question. We would recommend without much reservation that you commission a survey when you purchase a new yacht; that is, unless you are completely familiar with the boat. Insurance companies often insist on an out-of-water condition survey every 5 or ten years, although each company will have their own policy.

You should also consider having a survey:

  • If you have a new yacht delivered to you (before the warranty time expires).
  • Following any refit.
  • If you plan to go on an extended cruise.
  • If your yacht has suffered any damage such as a grounding or lightning strike.
What is an appraisal survey?

An appraisal survey is a limited scope survey/ survey of limited scope, and is usually carried out to decide if the boat meets the minimum buying criteria and to establish whether or not it is necessary to conduct a full condition survey.

If you carry out an appraisal survey for me, can I get a reduction in price on a full condition survey?

For the same yacht, yes you can. We can advise you at the time of the appraisal survey what the reduction in cost would be for a full condition survey

How detailed is an appraisal survey?

It can be as detailed as you wish, but generally the survey will follow the inspection procedure as a full condition survey, but in much less detail. For example during a full condition survey all the portable sole (floor) boards will be lifted, but during an appraisal survey we might only lift the sole board in areas that we think are most lightly to reveal damage e.g. around the keel support structure on a sailing yacht. If you have any specific concerns about the yacht, or there are any areas that you specifically want inspecting, let us know beforehand and we will include this in the inspection. Sometimes we are commissioned to carry out an appraisal survey when our client has not seen the yacht, in this case we can include photos or even video in the report.

Can you check for Osmosis?

Yes, a standard full condition survey will include an ?Osmosis? or Gel coat blistering check. Alternatively, we can do this as part of/ a limited scope survey.

Does standing rigging need to be replaced every 10 years?

This requisite comes from insurance companies; some will indeed insist on the rigging being replaced at 10 years. This time frame has not been introduced through engineering principles, but through statistics. At YSG, we would not necessarily recommend 10 years, but 15 years would certainly be our limit up to which standing rigging should be replaced. It really depends on how the rig has been used, in what conditions, and how it has been maintained.

There are some good rigging guidelines from Navtec here:

As the client/ boat owner, how can I prepare my boat for the survey inspection?

For an efficient examination of the yacht, the surveyor needs adequate access to all inspection areas. Pre-survey preparation of the yacht will significantly enhance the quality of the survey and will save time and additional expenses.

YSG surveyors require the following prior to inspection:

  • Permission to enter the marina or shipyard and the yacht, to apply non-destructive tests including removing anti-fouling paint patches, to conduct a sea trial should be provided.
  • Contact information of the owner or responsible person should be provided.
  • Appointment with the lifting service for hauling and launching the yacht should be arranged according to the survey schedule. The yacht’s underwater areas should be clean of marine growth.
  • For yachts that are on hard standing, the area around the hull should be clear and a ladder provided to access the yacht.
  • The yacht and all lockers, lazarettes, compartments, bilges, should be accessible, clear, dry and clean for inspection. All areas should be clean of gear. The necessary keys should be provided for yacht entry, ignition and compartments.
  • Items restricting entry to yacht’s spaces should be removed. Visual access is needed for behind interior ceilings, cabinets, headliners, cabin soles etc. (Only minimal/ small dismantling or re-installing is accepted during the survey period)
  • Winter cover should be removed.
  • Owner manuals for the yacht, machinery and equipment should be on board and accessible.
  • Past service and maintenance records should be on board and accessible.
  • Legal papers, documents, certifications should be on board, organized and accessible (ie. Registry, insurance, log book, inventory, etc).
  • The owner, or the responsible person appointed by the owner, should be in charge at sea trial and operating yachts systems.
  • Additional crew is required for sea trials on larger sailing yachts, and should be appointed by the boat owner/ responsible person to operate sails and rigging.
  • Sufficient fuel.
  • Sufficient fresh water should be in tanks.
  • Batteries must be in operating condition.
  • Both AC and DC power is needed to test systems and equipment.
  • Systems, equipment and electronics should be in operating condition.
  • A limited number of people on board is appropriate at the time of survey and sea trial.
  • List of deficiencies.
Do I have to prepare the yacht before the damage survey is carried out?

If the survey is for an insurance claim, it is important to speak to your insurers directly. They will give you instructions that will usually involve making every attempt to prevent further damage. It is important that we are notified as soon as possible after the damage so we can attend quickly. Keep all damaged items and gear if you wish to make a claim.

Can you help find repairers after the damage survey?

If you are making an insurance claim, always talk to your insurers directly. We can help find repairers, although we are not affiliated with any specific repair company; it is important for us to remain independent.

Will you survey the yacht after the repairs have been completed?

We can do but this is not part of the initial damage survey so there would be additional costs.

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Our ultimate aim has always been to enable sailors and boat people to enjoy yacht ownership with peace of mind. Central to our vision is the client's interest. The ethics of a fair purchase are at the forefront of our minds, and safety is paramount. The bottom line of YSG is looking after the client's interest by accurately assessing the condition of the yacht. This gives the client reliable information about the yacht allowing them to make it safe and also to ensure it is a worthwhile investment.

About YSG Partners

Marine surveyors based in Bodrum,Turkey and operating Internationally.

Joe Rowles: British; qualified, Internationally accredited independent marine surveyor authorised to carry out MCA coding inspections for vessels under 24m load line length through the following; certifying authorities: IIMS, YDSA and RYA (Royal Yachting Association). Background in Engineering.

Ali Dincer: Turkish; Independent certified Marine Surveyor by IIMS (International Institute of Marine Surveyors) Diploma as a Yacht & Small Craft Surveyor. RYA inspector and accredited expert witness for Turkish Courts. Ali's background is as board member and shareholder of Industrial Production companies operating in International markets, specifically Europe and Asia.

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