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Pre Purchase Survey

Full Condition Survey

Pre Purchase / Full Condition Survey

A Full Condition survey is carried out prior to purchase and establishes, within the limitations of the survey, the overall condition of the vessel. The survey we offer is an internationally recognised and carried out in accordance with the guidelines of International institute of marine surveying (IIMS)

T his comprehensive survey provides a structural assessment of the vessel, tests the boat's equipment and systems, and can include a sea trial. The Full Condition survey inspection and report are divided up into the following areas:

  • Hull
    A structural assessment of the hull for GRP. This would include the use of a moisture meter if the hull has been on hard standing for a period. For metal hulls this can include an ultrasound inspection to measure the thickness of the shell plate.
  • Steering & Propulsion
    This includes inspection of a yachts steering and propulsion systems. For example shafts will be rotated by hand to assist with identifiying any alignment issues. Rudders will be operated lock to lock and play in bearings assessed.
  • Superstructure & Decks
    A structural assessment of the deck and superstructure of a boat including the hull to deck joint, inspection of windows, hatches, bulwalk/toe rail, and decks.
  • Deck Equipment
    Inspection of windlass, winches, mooring arrangements, pushpit, pulpit, stanchions, guard rails, and boarding ladders.
  • Rig - For Sailing Yachts
    Inspection and assessment of the mast, boom, standing rigging, chain plates, terminals and mast fittings. Rig Inspection from aloft can be carried out if the yacht is afloat and considered safe by the surveyor on the day of inspection.
  • Hull Interior
    Structural assessment of the hull interior, all portable sole boards will be lifted. A typical inspection will include bulkheads, general bilge condition, bilge pumping, through hull valves, and keel bolts.
  • Machinery & Fuel Systems
    A typical inspection will include: assessment of engine bay fire extinguishing systems, linings/insulation engine bearers and mounts, condition of the engine, fuel systems, raw water pipework, and anti-siphon measures. Yacht Survey Group can undertake sea trials if requested.
  • Electrical Systems
    General overview of electric systems where observed.
  • Navigation Equipment
    Inspection and powering up of instruments in commision.
  • Domestic Systems
    A typical inspection would involve water systems, black/grey water systems, refrigeration systems and air conditioning.
  • Safety Equipment
    Inspection of safety equipment. After the survey inspection a report is produced providing details of the above along with a defect list and recommendations.

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Yacht Preparation

Your surveyor needs adequate access to all inspection areas to carry out an efficient examination of the yacht. Check out these tips on pre-survey preparation of your yacht to enhance the quality of the survey, and save time and additional expenses.

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Full Condition FAQ

Do I, or the owner need to prepare the yacht before the survey?

Yes, we will need access to all the internal areas of the yacht including inside lockers and the bilge spaces. It is important that all owners possessions and gear are removed from the yacht to allow us good access- this does not include standard sailing inventory.

Is a sea trial included in a full condition survey?

Generally yes, and you would need to provide a skipper for this. The exception is when the survey is carried out on hard standing only.

If the yacht is on hard standing for the survey, can the sea trial take place after the yacht is launched at a later date?

Yes, we often do the survey in two parts: Out-of-water, and then weeks or even months later we follow up with an in-water inspection including sea trial. You would need to provide a skipper for the trial

Is a rig inspection from aloft included in a full condition survey?

Generally yes, however the yacht would need to be afloat and we would need to be satisfied that the halyards are in good condition and that it is safe to go aloft.

How long does a sea trial take?

It depends to an extent on the yacht, but most trials on small to mid-sized yachts are completed within an hour. Sailing yachts are sailed on both tacks. The engine is allowed to warm up to operating temperature before it is tested.

Do you revisit the yacht after the recommendations in the report have been completed?

We can do this, but it is not part of the survey so further inspection will incur extra costs.

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Our Approach

Our ultimate aim has always been to enable sailors and boat people to enjoy yacht ownership with peace of mind. Central to our vision is the client's interest. The ethics of a fair purchase are at the forefront of our minds, and safety is paramount. The bottom line of YSG is looking after the client's interest by accurately assessing the condition of the yacht. This gives the client reliable information about the yacht allowing them to make it safe and also to ensure it is a worthwhile investment.

About YSG Partners

Marine surveyors based in Bodrum,Turkey and operating Internationally.

Joe Rowles: British; qualified, Internationally accredited independent marine surveyor authorised to carry out MCA coding inspections for vessels under 24m load line length through the following; certifying authorities: IIMS, YDSA and RYA (Royal Yachting Association). Background in Engineering.

Ali Dincer: Turkish; Independent certified Marine Surveyor by IIMS (International Institute of Marine Surveyors) Diploma as a Yacht & Small Craft Surveyor. RYA inspector and accredited expert witness for Turkish Courts. Ali's background is as board member and shareholder of Industrial Production companies operating in International markets, specifically Europe and Asia.

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