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Pre-Survey Information

Information For Clients & Boat Owners

Yacht Preparation & Your Marine Surveyor


Getting your yacht ready for survey will save valuable time and extra expenses.

For an efficient examination of the yacht, the surveyor needs adequate access to all inspection areas. Pre-survey preparation of the yacht by the yacht owner/ or person responsible will significantly enhance the quality of the survey.

    YSG surveyors require the following prior to inspection:

  • Permission to enter the marina or shipyard and the yacht, permission to remove anti-fouling paint patches, and permission to conduct a sea trial should be provided.
  • Contact information of the owner or responsible person should be provided.
  • Appointment with the lifting service for hauling and launching the yacht should be arranged according to the survey schedule. The yacht’s underwater areas should be clean of marine growth.
  • For yachts that are on hard standing, the area around the hull should be clear and a ladder provided to access the yacht.
  • The yachts keys should be provided and all compartments, including lockers should be accessible. Areas should be clear of owners possesions, this does not apply to standard yacht inventory.
  • Winter cover should be removed.
  • Owner manuals for the yacht, machinery and equipment should be on board and accessible.
  • Past service and maintenance records should be on board and accessible.
  • Legal papers, documents, certifications should be on board and accessible (ie. Registry, insurance, log book, inventory, etc).
  • The owner, or the responsible person appointed by the owner, should be in charge at sea trial and operating yachts systems.
  • If additional crew is required for sea trials on larger sailing yachts, this should be appointed by the boat owner/ responsible person.
  • Sufficient fuel.
  • A limited number of people on board is appropriate at the time of survey and sea trial.
  • List of deficiencies.

What you can expect from your marine surveyor when commissioned to carry out and deliver a yacht survey.

The following outlines the responsibilities of your marine surveyor from the moment you begin corresponding until completion of your contract/ delivery of the survey report, and beyond with regards to the contents of the survey. If you have any further questions relating to tasks you assume will be carried out by YSG, or if there are any aspects of the marine survey procedure that you are unsure about, don't hesitate to contact us.

    A professional marine surveyor will:

  • The surveyor will hold professional qualifications and have experience in the field.
  • The surveyor will act as an unprejudiced third party participant.
  • The surveyor will NOT get involved in emotional or political issues. He is there on your behalf to state and comment on technical fact only.
  • During survey, the surveyor will inspect and comment on the condition of all the key issues, namely: Hull Steering & Propulsion • Superstructure & Decks • Deck Equipment • Rig (for sailing yachts) • Hull Interior • Machinery & Fuel Systems • Electrical Systems • Domestic Systems • Safety Equipment
  • At the end of the survey your surveyor will provide a survey report, which includes a description of the area of the vessel that has been agreed to be inspected, along with deficiencies and recommended repairs.
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Our Approach

Our ultimate aim has always been to enable sailors and boat people to enjoy yacht ownership with peace of mind. Central to our vision is the client's interest. The ethics of a fair purchase are at the forefront of our minds, and safety is paramount. The bottom line of YSG is looking after the client's interest by accurately assessing the condition of the yacht. This gives the client reliable information about the yacht allowing them to make it safe and also to ensure it is a worthwhile investment.

About YSG Partners

Marine surveyors based in Bodrum,Turkey and operating Internationally.

Joe Rowles: British; qualified, Internationally accredited independent marine surveyor authorised to carry out MCA coding inspections for vessels under 24m load line length through the following; certifying authorities: IIMS, YDSA and RYA (Royal Yachting Association). Background in Engineering.

Ali Dincer: Turkish; Independent certified Marine Surveyor by IIMS (International Institute of Marine Surveyors) Diploma as a Yacht & Small Craft Surveyor. RYA inspector and accredited expert witness for Turkish Courts. Ali's background is as board member and shareholder of Industrial Production companies operating in International markets, specifically Europe and Asia.

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